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Come on; Let us Play together & make India a sporting nation

Mahatma Education Society believes in "mass participation" in sports as a life line in the making of a sporting nation. The slogan we selected for the academic year 2017-18 is very much apt with the participation, performance and achievements of MES students in Inter School / College to national level. Promoting true sports at all level in our institutions are the key factor to select such an interesting slogan for 2017-18. A nation with a billion people yet to manage two medals in the recent Rio Olympics is something disturbing for the sports loving section of Indian society. We cannot blame anyone for these state of affairs as India is a country of a few thousand active population.
Padmakshan Padmanabhan
Director of Sports,
Pillai Group of Institutions

In recent past an ocean of well intended initiatives carried out by the government, private sectors as well as non profit organizations to improve the sports in India. There are many IPL model leagues running for various sports disciplines across the country today. The government also set a fund called Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) for supporting our Olympic hopefuls. In addition to these initiatives, there are many multi talent development initiatives are running in the country, set up by NBA, PSG, Khelo-India, SAI Schemes, Baichung Bhutia Football Schools etc. In these initiatives Baichung Bhutia Football School and Sports Authority of India Extension centre for sports promotion are having their centre's at Mahatma Education Society and that shows how serious MES is in making this nation a sporting country. We are with a mission of making everyone play at least one sports at Mahatma Education Society.

We need more and more students playing sports in our schools and colleges, simply enjoying it and play for fun & recreation. Participants and fan followers are also equally important on which the foundation of a sporting nation is built and it creates a sustainable cycle of sporting success. The large participation ensures a continuous supply of amateur talent which can then be nurtured into elite players and role models for generations to come. On Fans, the large number of them really makes it commercially viable and that is the reason why players, coaches and all supporting stakeholders make money in some of the sporting events like cricket & football.

Sadly lack of playing time is an ever growing concern among school children. Kids only have 1-2 PE periods of 30-45 minutes in the whole week to spend for sports. As per some recent health surveys it has found that schools which give more playing time produce healthy kids and the result also shows schools with more than 3 physical education periods in a week produces physically fit kids and fared better in all fitness parameters. If more schools practice it we can cut down our budget allocation for health & medication and increase more budget allocation for sports and academics nationally and I am sure that it is a possible target to achieve. For achieving these goals, our society including the teaching community of academic & parents required to change their attitude towards sports. More than "mark for sports" we should think of "Time for sports" and the PE hours should be made as a daily affair. It will help to introduce sports to each kid and identify the hidden talents and not just for the school team.

We need a behaviour change from "Padhoge likhoge banoge nayak, Kheloge Khudoge banega nalayak" to "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy". In order to get more kids to play we need to view it from beyond a career lens. We need to look sports as a way of spreading 3H ie. Happiness-Health & fitness - Holistic education. Those who spent time on sports will always celebrate the joy of "playing together" and no alarm required in the morning when it was for a game outside with friends. Time management was learnt early in life so homework doesn’t interfere with play time. Finally engaging in sports activities at a younger age will ensure physical and mental well-being. And these sporting activities will equip the children with necessary tools to face the challenges and provide all-round development. Mahatma Education Society's Sports control boards wishing the very best for it students for a healthy sporting 2018-19 and hope to see the nation to become a sporting India.