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Sports Authority of India Extn. Centre, Rasayani  
Sports Authority of India has approved Pillai HOC International School which functions at Pillai HOC Educational Campus has its extension centre for promoting sports at rural India especially Athletics and Volleyball. In this concern Sports Authority of India has agreed the initiative taken by Mahatma Education Society for promoting sports in its campuses and the area of its institutions especially rural part of our country.
Sports Authority of India has approved an intake of 20 volleyball players and 20 Athletes in its scheme of getting benefits like coaching, insurance cover, playing kits, competition exposure and expert training etc. to selected students of Pillai HOC Educational Campus students. This centre is functioning at Pillai HOC Educational Campus since May 2010 and star showing remarkable improvement in the arena of sports performance among Pillai HOC campus students.

Mahatma Sports Club, Sector 8, New Panvel  
The club since 1990 and conduct a lot of sports promotional programs like Cross Country, Health Awareness Run, Handball, Basketball and Football Camps every year in co-operation with Mahatma Education Society's Educational Institutions. In recent years the club also organized yearly coaching camp of Basketball for all interested children of Panvel irrespective of their schools. The Club hire coaches for smooth conduct of club programs.

Chembur English Sports Club, Chembur Campus  
Chembur English Sports Club of Mahatma Education Society is the first sports club of its kind to promote sports in and around area of its institutions. The Chembur English Sports Club organizes various tournaments and coaching camps in different discipline of sports. This Club established in Eighties is well known for its sports promotional events.

Baichung Bhutia Football School, Gorai  
Mahatma Education Society has collaborated with Baichung Bhutia Football School (BBFS), an organization run by Baichung Bhutia, the legendary International - Indian footballer to promote Indian Football at the grass root level. The aim of this collaboration is to reach out and identify the soccer potential of the children from Dr. Pillai Global Academy and other school students of this region. It starts functioning from the year 2011 and continuing with great success.

Football School of India, New Panvel, Sector 7  
Mahatma Education Society has signed an MOU with Football School of India, another organization in line with BBFS to promote football at Navi Mumbai. It also run by three Indian National team players named Abhishek Yadav, Venkitesh and Mondal, they conduct football training classes at Dr. Pillai Global Academy's Astroturf Football Ground for the students of Mahatma Education Society as well as the students of other schools. Hundreds of students already enrolled for this program and this also star yielding results.